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Fitness How to Handstand Like a Pro: A Gymnast’s Tips

Gymnastics based training is becoming increasingly popular in today's gym and fitness industry. More and more people are looking to…

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Fitness Fitness and Social Media: Are Selfies Sabotaging Your Fitness?

Fitness and social media have both exploded in popularity over recent years, and in many ways, the two are the…

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Fitness Fasted or Non Fasted Training: A Science Based Comparison

Is fasted or non fasted training better for burning fat and building lean muscle? As a highly experienced personal trainer,…

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Fitness Pull Ups: From Zero to Hero in Eight Weeks

I'm about to tell you exactly how to perfect your pull up technique and how to perform ten pull ups…

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Fitness What Happens to Muscles During and After Exercise

Exercise helps to increase our heart size, allowing blood to pump more effectively around the body, to our muscles. Exercise…

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Fitness Stretching Can Help Increase Strength. Stretch to Get Strong!

Stretching can help increase strength through ROM! The greater the ROM, the greater the number of muscle fibres that are…

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