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By Emma Rose | Tuesday 9th April 2019

Last updated on Tuesday 28th July 2020

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To celebrate our launch on iOS and Android, we’re showcasing some of our favourite Shredify app reviews. Our app is suitable for all levels of experience, and for all different lifestyles. Wondering whether to try our app? Let real users help you decide. The Shredify app reviews below come from people with truly inspiring stories to boost your fitness motivation!

Shredify App Reviews by Real People with Inspiring Stories

People from all walks of life use Shredify – from fitness professionals and bodybuilders to busy mums! After sifting through Shredify app reviews from both iOS and Android users, we’ve hand-picked a few that come with inspiring fitness journies.

Violet Richards

“Shredify is a brilliant fitness companion. I’ve been using Shredify for over a year now via the website, and I’m so glad it’s now available in app format! The fitness plans are constantly being updated for my fitness level, each workout is unique and always keeping me on my toes.”

Violet's Shredify app reviews

“The ability to choose my workout length and the option of training at home or the gym allows me to fit in a workout at any time & anywhere.  Plus, the video tutorials for each exercise are fantastic, allowing me to learn new exercises with proper technique and form, and to understand what muscle group each is working.

If I don’t like a certain exercise or struggle, there is an option to switch that exercise out for a new one, and there are many alternatives. Not only this but even if I don’t do a Shredify workout on a particular day, I can log other workouts, from classes to yoga or jogging. It even calculates the calories that I have burnt!”

“The video tutorials for each exercise are fantastic…”

Our list of Shredify app reviews wouldn’t be complete without this one. We find busy, driven women like Violet an inspiration, and we’re honoured to assist her. Despite being a mum of three, she trains 5 days a week. She sees this as ‘me time’ – a time to prioritise her health and fitness. She wants all mothers to know that just because you have children, it doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself, both in body and in mind. You keep your children happy and healthy, so you deserve to be happy and healthy, too!

Not only this, but Violet is soon to compete in her first bodybuilding competition this year!  An inspiration to all mums (and dads), her drive is incredible. See her progress on Instagram: @jobifitness

Natalee Peterson

“I literally cannot rate Shredify enough. As a personal trainer, this app is a great addition to any client programme and also allows me to use the workouts myself without any pre-planning.”

Shredify app reviews by Natalee

“Shredify has the ability to turn an average workout into a purposeful and more beneficial one. It’s fantastic for those who find it easier to work out at home without equipment, and those that might travel for work. Shredify helps those who pay for gym memberships to get more out of their time working out. Using the app provides more motivation and quicker results. It also helps with consistency, giving flexibility to both the workout and the location you choose. Alongside this, it allows you to log your daily gym sessions, group exercise, sport, walks and runs, so you’re able to monitor progress more efficiently.”

“As a personal trainer, this app is a great addition to any client programme and also allows me to use the workouts myself…”

From many Shredify app reviews, this one leaped out at us. We are super pumped that Natalee loves our app, and also uses it to help her personal training clients. We have huge respect for Natalee and her dedication to fitness. As well as being a mum of two young boys, she is also a singer and a personal trainer, as well as a qualified nutritionist.

Weekends are jam-packed for her, shuttling her boys to various sports groups and singing at events and bars. Despite this, she manages to fit in time for training. She says that keeping her own health and fitness to a level that serves her and her family is essential, and workouts are a beneficial part of her manic life.

Check out this inspiring lady out on Instagram, where she demonstrates how to fit health and fitness around a busy life: @natalee_peterson

Bola Ogundeji

“This app is super easy to navigate. I especially like the rest time that has been mapped in to keep you focused. Definitely, one for all to get involved in and use!”

“I especially like the rest time that has been mapped in to keep you focused…”

Bola began his bodybuilding career at the end of 2017. He thrives on new challenges, and before competing, he’d tried other areas of fitness such as powerlifting and CrossFit. However, he says that bodybuilding introduced him to a whole new level of training. For Bola, bodybuilding competitions give him drive to stay motivated, as they push him to continually improve. For him, seeing the body change throughout his preparation is hugely rewarding.

Bola is constantly learning. For him, developing an in-depth knowledge of his body, alongside an understanding of intelligent nutrition and optimum methods of training, is fascinating. Bola’s biggest challenge so far was competing in BodyPower 2018, where he did three shows in three days! He’s currently in preparation to compete again.

Check this inspiring guy out and follow his story on Instagram: @spartan_b

David Armstrong

“By far one of the best apps I’ve used for working out. Shredify is very user-friendly, and the workouts are incredible. There are different workouts every single day that are fun and challenging at the same time. Would definitely recommend if you’re trying to switch up your workouts, or are a beginner in the gym.”

Shredify app reviews by David Armstrong

“There are different workouts every single day that are fun and challenging at the same time…”

When looking through Shredify app reviews, we were so proud to see David’s. He has a truly inspiring story and a message we absolutely love. In just a year and a half, David has completely transformed his life. Coming from a difficult background, with poor health and little money, he has used fitness as a healing process. David values both mental and physical health and says nothing is impossible with a positive mindset.

Through his story, he proves that this is true. He’s built his fitness from the ground up and has lost 40lbs in weight along the way. Now his life has changed for the better, he is always working to help others. He says this is his drive and motivation, and he has so far completed four different charity races – including one on Christmas day! Not only is he now gearing up to run a marathon, but he also plans to open a charity helping disadvantaged young people.

If you need the inspiration to change your life and start your fitness journey, follow David on Instagram: @texasmindbodyandspirit

Sammie Chaweresa

“Shredify has helped me plan my workouts in accordance with my fitness goals. So far, I can see some progress, and I can’t wait to see how far I can get with the help of Shredify app. I highly recommend this app for those starting their fitness journey, or those who want to achieve specific goals”.

Shredify app reviews

“…I can’t wait to see how far I can get with the help of Shredify app!”

Sammie is a keen fitness enthusiast who has undergone an exemplary transformation. Her motivation is now to inspire others to begin their own fitness journey. Her main goals were weight loss and muscle gain when she started her fitness journey in 2015.

Since then, she’s made incredible progress. As she’s changed her lifestyle, she has gone from strength to strength, proving that you CAN lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. Alongside this, we love her ethos – that you should compete with yourself! She believes that instead of comparing yourself to others, compare your progress to where you were yesterday.

Now, Sammie’s goal is to inspire others to do what she has done. Follow her progress on Instagram: @rufaros_fitness

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