What Does Your Personal Trainer Say About You!

By Stevo | Thursday 17th January 2019

Last updated on Tuesday 28th July 2020

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When choosing a Personal Trainer (PT), are you supposed to gravitate towards one naturally, or do you wait for a recommendation? The simple truth is that the type of trainer that you have says a lot about you and what you are looking to achieve from your personal training sessions.

Let’s look at how to choose a PT and then dive into the depths of the ‘different types of PTs’ that are out there.

If you are a PT reading this, then take note, as knowingly or not, your attitude in the gym may determine what type of PT you are and how others see you, if you want to be a leader in the health and fitness industry, lead!

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How to Choose a Personal Trainer


  1. Decide what it is you want out of personal training, in other words, set yourself a goal.
  2. Check out PTs in your area, and find the most relevant trainer for you.
  3. Drop the PT a message or have a chat, make sure you vibe.
  4. Ask the trainer for reviews, testimonials and qualifications
  5. Ask how their training is going; good trainers will always have their own structured training regime in place.

Use your doughnut (your gut instinct); you’ll usually know whether a Personal Trainer is right for you!


  1. Be put off by cost. You get what you pay for, and you’ll only pay through slower gains and potential injury occurring from poorly prescribed exercise if using a non-qualified PT.
  2. Rely on recommendations only, you’re investing in your body, do your research.

What Are the Main Types of Personal Trainers?

The Playboy and Playgirl (Play Model)

This Personal Trainer looks good, simple.

The hard truth is that looks do matter, a Personal Trainer is a role model. A Personal Trainer is a synapse between you transforming into more physically better shape. This is a hefty responsibility, so the PT must lead by example! The example your PT sets is contagious, and the play model will harness the fact that their working environment is within a gym. The play model understands there literally is no excuse for them to not be in shape. They know that even if they’re injured, there are least another 500 muscles they could be working.

When looking for a Personal Trainer, just choose the play model! I can’t stress how important it is to pick a PT that is in shape! You wouldn’t go to an airfield and board a plane with a pilot who never flew a plane, just because he’s qualified, would you? And if you did, you wouldn’t expect to come out of that situation in very good shape right? It is therefore no different going to a gym and training with an out of shape PT.

Personal Trainers listen in! ‘YOUR body shape matters and the example you set for your clients is contagious, make it a damn good one.’

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The Play Model trainer score: 10/10

The Baller (Aka the Skilful Trainer)

The baller has some pretty mad skills! This is the one personal trainer you must use if you’re looking to scratch that ‘backflip’ or ‘scorpion’ itch you’ve been carrying around. Vibe with this folk legend outlaw of PT’s, and you’re in their tribe! The baller will dig out to make sure that you’re building your sessions progressively and effectively towards that niche move you’ve always wanted to pull off. PT sessions won’t end on the gym floor either; chances are that they’ll extend right through to out of hours! Sessions will be playful sure, and they’ll also be competitive, fun and results driven. Check the Personal Trainer’s skillset before signing up and make sure they have that move you need, nailed down to a T’, then book them quickly!

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The Baller trainer score: 9/10

The Wizard

This trainer knows a lot of things, and they will use their knowledge to your advantage. They are calm in the face of a 1:1 session, and shine when being faced with technical questions. The wizard spends their lunchtimes reading articles and blog posts, and they even contribute to online forums. Wizards network amongst other wizards within the fitness industry, forever expanding their already huge knowledge bank. The wizard will no doubt be booked on to a self-development course at this present moment in time, such as strength and conditioning, mindfulness, advanced nutrition or some form of ETM (exercise to music) class. The wizards do like to think of themselves as being a step ahead and will probably use apps to organise their diary. The wizard has a well-structured routine in place for each client.

The wizard is likely to be a great Personal Trainer; they are well informed and eager to pass on their knowledge to you, their client. They will drip feed information during your personal training journey as and when they feel you are ready, and they may even refer to this as being like a baked potato, ‘releasing their energy slowly. The wizards personality might appear quite dry and serious, but this is a good thing. The wizard knows when to have fun and when to train seriously, so just think, when the wizard is stood there watching over you, they are quietly checking your form, working out how to fine-tune your training, and develop you further.

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The Wizard trainer score: 10/10

The Unapproachable Aka Resting B*tch Face (Rbf)

In the first instance, the RBF will no doubt do one of two things, either avoid eye contact or stare straight through you. Don’t let this witchcraft fool you though, inside they’re speed dancing their way through the latest clubland mix. The RBF is a busy trainer, and probably won’t have time for small talk as if they’re not with a client; they’re either planning a session or doing their own.

If you can get past the initial ‘hello’, then Hurrah! You’ll find richness in this one. As the client/trainer relationship develops, the RBF will make sure you are well catered for, giving you help and advice whenever needed and will ensure you always know that what you’re doing is safe and prescriptive.

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The RBF trainer score: 9/10

The Behemoff

Want steroids? This is your trainer! Jokes! mebbee.. With traps that look like Achilles love buns, this trainer spends their time super-setting shrugs, with even more shrugs.

Ok, so there are plenty of serious bodybuilders out there, some who are natural (do not use performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids) and some who are not (do use performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids).

If operation massive is your goal, choose the behemoff! This Personal Trainer is whom you should seek out if you want to compete in any form of bodybuilding or bikini contest, as they have usually learnt first hand what is required regarding training and nutrition. The behomoff knows that bodybuilding is brutal, that conditioning the mind is key to standing any chance of success. Pick this trainer if you want mad muscular gains!

shredify behemoff, shredify app

The Behemoff trainer score: 10/10

The Raver

This trainer loves it! Out every weekend slamming back tequila before sliding home to catch a few hours kip before waking up ready to teach the Sunday morning spin at 6:30am. This trainer is the lad or ladette, always up for a laugh but also takes their job very seriously.

Ravers are the cool professionals, the opposite of egotistic, they’ll stay humble and be forever listening to other Personal Trainer’s, young at heart and maybe, well just young, they’ll be on the warpath to learn new skills from others, wanting to develop themselves, and pass any learning on to you as their client.

The raver is in the moment, ok so they might not be the most organised, but you can guarantee that once in front of them, they’ll give you one beast of a session.

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The Raver trainer score: 9/10

The Statistic

The fitness industry has one of the highest staff turnover rates of all industries, and the churn rate for PT’s is usually around 3 months, these guys are whom we call the statistic.

The statistic will have to have left PT’ing before the three-month cycle to gain this title. Otherwise, they are just a new PT, which could turn out to be an absolute legend! The statistic, however, would most likely have fallen into personal training as they wanted a career change. They either enjoyed training or at least the idea of being a PT, and thought they would try their hand at. The only way to know if you’re training with a potential statistic is that they will appear to be lacking any form of passion! So, if you’ve seen more enthusiasm in a wooden t-shirt than in this Personal Trainer, be a tad cautious before you plunge your faith into their beautifully knitted pockets.

shredify statistic, shredify app

The Statistic trainer score: 0/10
(Are these guys even a trainer though!)

The Strength and Conditioning ‘Super Coach’

Ok, well it’s actually a ‘Strength and Conditioning Coach’’ or (S&C), but here we call them super coaches as they’re the gatekeepers to you standing in the winner’s enclosure at your chosen sport. This trainer knows their lacrosse from their elbow, and they’re armed with the tools necessary to help improve and fine-tune your performance in whatever your specific sport is.

These trainers have invested some serious cash in their skill set. This PT will have a related degree or even masters degree in sports science, human performance or another related discipline. They’ve gone that extra mile, enhancing their skills so that when you approach them wanting to develop your snap-shot, drive, kick, throw or whatever movement needed for your chosen sport, they can help.

A strength and conditioning coach will normally work with athletic teams as well as individuals.

S&C super coach, shredify, shredify app

The S&C Super Coach trainer score: 10/10

The Pro-Athlete 

This Personal Trainer is found either midway through an Iron Man or prepping for their next strongman, bodybuilding or powerlifting championship. Quality is what this PT is all about; they are the masters of putting in raw, hard work, lb. for lb. This PT is up there with the finest of athletes, professional 24/7. They train hard, eat clean, and are mindful that their lifestyle is how they lead by example. The pro-athlete shows their clients first hand what it takes to be a champion.

The Pro Athlete is whom you should choose if you want a sports specific coach who’s been there. The chances are high that their knowledge will be tried and tested first hand. They might even have contacts that are relevant, who could help you with the necessary steps to compete yourself.

The Pro Athlete will go above and beyond to help you reach your goal and just reams with inspiration; if you want to compete, get this PT on your team.

shredify pro athlete, shredify app

The Pro Athlete trainer score: 10/10

In summary

As a by-product of what may seem like an easy decision, your choice in Personal Trainer will determine your quality of gains and the time it takes you to achieve your gains.

The type of Personal Trainer you have ‘does’, therefore say a lot about you. Your choice is a personal reflection in the seriousness and also the playful aspect of how you perceive yourself. Your decision will lay the foundations of your future aesthetic and fitness results.

If you treat your training as a hobby, it will always be a hobby! If you treat it like a job and have a decent work ethic, you’ll achieve great things! Remember your body is probably the biggest investment of your life, and you only get one. Be accountable 🙏🏽



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